Let’s Get To Work!

Time to stand up and stand out.

Take a bold step and apply for a job with JobStreet by downloading our app! While you’re waiting for your interview you can get a job right now with Partipost’s app.

Let’s Get To Work!

Time to stand up and stand out.

Take a bold step and apply for a job with JobStreet by downloading our app!
JobStreet has over 73,000+ jobs
Everybody’s got a job to do and we’ve got a job for everybody.
Download the Partipost App to start earning in social media!

What is Partipost?

Partipost allows anyone to EARN by posting about products and brands they love. Our app opens access to these brand campaigns. Participants get paid for their efforts after successfully completing campaigns!

How can I earn using my social media?

The final output required if you join Partipost campaigns are social media posts on your personal account. It can be as simple as a product photo, an IG story, or something fun like a Tiktok dance challenge! The tasks required are specified on each campaign’s mechanics.

What campaigns can I join?​

Various brands and companies launch campaigns on Partipost at any given time. Some of these are listed below! Click any of them to download the app and see all active campaigns!

Is this legit?

Yes, of course 🙂 Partipost is a company that’s headquartered in Singapore, with branches in Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines! We already have thousands of active Partiposters who enjoy and earn using the Partipost app!

Jobstreet Campaign

In Partnership with Jobstreet, come and join our Let’s Get To Work campaign and earn up to Php850 by simply telling your friends and family about your Jobstreet experience!

"STILL" a Viu Original Campaign

Earn up to PHP1,500 by simply posting a song cover on Tiktok of one of the "Still" original songs! Download the Partipost app to join!

Are you a brand or business looking to work with influencers?

Partipost for Business

Partipost is the fastest growing network of influencers in Asia. We partner with brands and companies to help them reach a much wider audience in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

The “Organic” Partiposter

While celebrities and Macro influencers have fans, Partiposters, as we call them, have genuine family and friends. This provides for a much more authentic product or service promotion. This is our core belief in Partipost. We achieve wider reach through the volume of Partiposters.

The Partipost Difference

Partipost has gamified the process of acquiring and working with influencers. Our approach is entirely different from that of traditional marketing agencies. Our whole process goes through the Partipost app. From campaign announcement, influencer engagement, to approval of social media drafts, and even influencer payments, are all done in-app. Send us a message and we’ll gladly walk you through a demo!

The Partipost Service

Besides having a dedicated Account Manager, all brands we partner with get our internal Operations and Marketing teams behind them, making sure that every campaign reaches the set objectives and KPI’s. All partners also get access to our exclusive Campaign Manager software that grants them full transparency of every campaign from start to finish.